edgy and alternative boudoir photography by Rebekah Molloy in Glasgow Scotland


A celebration of vulnerability, expression and radical self love.

This is about way more than lingerie. It is about flexing and tapping into our creative selves. Together. A true collaboration to make some badass Art.


artistic bridal boudoir photography by Rebekah Molloy in Edinburgh Scotland
unique wedding present bridal boudoir photography by rebekah molloy


Some of the greatest things in this little life are born outside of the comfort zone. You might look through my gallery and tell yourself “no, not me” and I am here to promise you – you can. You should. Women often begin their session nervous – a pretty valid feeling, really. But – with my guidance, laid-back approach, and understanding of the woman figure and how to move it just right in the light – all the nerves melt away. Really. I am your biggest hype girl. Every single bodacious woman I have worked with ends the session truly feeling it. Transformed. It’s always in you. Let’s unleash that fucking Queen.

This is about more than being sexy. Because as women we are more than that. This is about saying yes to YOU. This is about seeing yourself in a light you might not have allowed before. I think society tells us to be modest and reserved – especially as women – about what we are good at. I am really good at this. Making women feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, guiding the body into flattering angles. I know how to work that light to *chef kiss* perfection. Let me show you how I see you.

There is radical healing in a truly transformative way through Boudoir sessions. Women have come to me to feel emboldened and empowered after trauma in their lives. Awaken your womanhood. Shooting boudoir has been a healing journey within myself, too It’s time we take up space and celebrate the raw beauty, power, and confidence we possess.


"I booked my session with Rebekah after meeting her because she made me feel very comfortable from the moment I met her. She suggested that a boudoir shoot would be a good gift for my husband-to-be and I agreed. But mostly I did it for myself because after the pandemic I wasn’t feeling very comfortable in my own skin and I wanted a boost in my confidence. The photo shoot really achieved that from the moment she arrived she made me feel super comfortable and it never felt awkward or forced at all. And the pictures turned out beautiful. My favourite part was that because we did this shoot before our wedding pictures I got to meet Rebekah and she knew exactly what kind of photos I liked. Working with her was amazing and she has a really kind demeanor that will help anyone who is not confident with taking photos."

- Maria R.