Sarah + David got all married up at a rad little venue in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland. I felt a connection with these two from the start. They’re wildly creative humans. She made her own veil and bouquet, they made all of the table decor – including 84923849 origami cranes, designed the invites, you name is they probably made it. Basically Varisty Team level of DIY. They are simply one of the sweetest, kindest couples I have gotten to work with. It made for the most top-shelf day celebrating their love. I am loving the intimate vibe couples are leaning towards lately! Another Edinburgh wedding shows how unique you can make the day and ALL of the gorgeous backdrop moments Edinburgh, Scotland is serving up.

Some words from the bride on planning your wedding (in 8 months!)

“Put an emphasis on having fun planning and making things. I went in with lots of ideas for making centerpieces, bouquets, stationery etc and it could’ve been really stressful doing it all in just 8 months. I just tried to not get too hung up on themes and perfection and just started making things that we both liked. We had nice nights in with a couple of drinks folding origami or wax sealing invites and it was great to enjoy being creative and having fun together. We wanted to make lots of thoughtful touches for our friends and families and they loved all the little details we put in – but we tried to not let it take over our whole lives. I think narrowing down what you want early on is good to give you plenty of time to get sourcing materials. I made my veil in a day with £10 worth of soft lace fabric and two comb slides. You can find tutorials for everything online and just try and keep from stressing about perfection. Just make things that bring joy and if it doesn’t work out, then hey, you had a go!”


Venue : Ghillie Dhu

Celebrant : Candice Dillon

Hair : Eileen Nugent

Makeup : Rachel Hardy

Cake : Cakes That Lan Did

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