Jessica + Ramanan made the CUTEST Angus + I got to spend a morning basking in the adorableness of newborn life (without all the work) and hang with the best big-brother-Lenny around.

I remember being so out of my element when Rho was born. Was she cold? Too hot? Is that poop normal? Can I call the doctor 14 times a day? What EXACTLY was I thinking when I signed up for this? I look back and wish I could just tell myself to enjoy the ride and stop overthinking so much. It goes by so fast – just sit and enjoy the frenetic little life you’ve made for yourself. I would do anything for one crazy day with newborn Rhona. Jessica was telling me how your second gives you a bit of that wish. Of course, newborns are a ton of work. But, in the back of your mind, you remember how fast it all goes. You remember to enjoy it. It was incredible to see how relaxed they both were. Confident. Playful. In the moment. I love this set of images capturing the wild – but incredibly intimate and sweet – newborn stage. Thank you and congrats again guys!

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