One of my all-time favorite seasons to document: newborn photography. The sweetest humans reached out for me to capture a bit of that newborn bubble. The incredible space after your bundle arrives that defies time and space itself. A strange mix of minimal sleep, being awake before the world. Hours spent feeding by moonlight. Cups of cold coffee. Adrenaline. How many days since I showered? Have I eaten today. And the most powerful intoxicating love you have ever felt.

Angus was the sweetest boy during his shoot. Working the camera. Opening his eyes. Snoozing. An utter dreamboat baby. The newborn bubble is such a fleeting moment, really. You start getting your footing faster than you think. The haze lifts. I’m so happy I got to share in this cuddle puddle of magic. Thank you so much Rowan and Jason for inviting me in.

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