We went on a tiny adventure to buy a car (that HAD to be automatic for this ding dong American) to a little seaside town just outside Edinburgh called Portobello. I imagine it is where the portobello mushroom was first discovered and I had mild hopes there would be mushroom statues and maybe a few mushroom houses around. Didn’t find any – haven’t lost hope.

Once we got boring car purchases out of the way – Beans basically sprinted to the beach and I swear to god if I brought her swimsuit she would have gone in. And some wacky kids AND adults actually were swimming in that freezing water. Portobello, man. Wild.

Anyway, enjoy some pictures of the back of my childs head because she was so completely beyond happy to be in water I couldn’t get her to look at me. It was the best soggy-water-logged-wellie-boot day we could have asked for.


OMGosh!!! Love this!! I’ll be waiting for an update once you find those Portobello mushrooms 😉

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