Taylor + Clayton + Milo

Taylor and Clayton held their intimate elopement in Glencoe with mountains and a tiny dinosaur as their witnesses. Of course with 2020 being her normal hot mess self their wedding plans shifted and changed with regulations and restrictions for months. What ended up blooming from all the changes and stress was perhaps the most perfect version we never could have planned. Taylor is an incredible writer and shared a bit of her experience below with being a couple and navigating the wild terrain of 2020 nuptials.

2020 has been a year of ruined plans for everyone. 

There’s a quote that goes, “Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.” 

And while I believe that is meant to be applied to more profound senses of ruin than the cancelled-plans-variety, work with me here.

I had the most perfect little wedding planned. We were going to have a ceremony in Holyrood Park, which is this gorgeous, expansive green space surrounding Edinburgh’s extinct volcano. We’d taken Milo there nearly every day and loved how peaceful it was. Our closest friend couple was going to officiate while our little ones toddled about. Then our group of closest pals was going to have tacos, margaritas and churro cake at our favourite Mexican joint. 

After four months of legit lockdown, everyone was looking forward to having something happy to look forward to and celebrate. 

But then…you know where this is going. Expectations met reality. Restrictions tightened up again. Our plans waved adios. I didn’t want to let COVID ruin one more thing, though. Especially this. I couldn’t cope with letting the pandemic win. Instead, we transformed the day!

On a Thursday, we told all our friends the wedding was off. I also called Rebekah and said something like, “It’s supposed to be kind of warm and partly sunny this weekend (you get excited about this in Scotland)! Any chance you’re free and want to drive to the highlands for the day?” 

At 10 pm on Friday night, Clayton and I were sat side by side on the sofa writing vows and the next morning we got on a train to Glasgow, where Rebekah and Graeme picked us up. 

Our destination was Loch Achtriochtan, just outside Glencoe. As you can see from the photos, it is stunning. And while Holyrood Park holds a special place in my heart, this outshines it by a million. 

It is tradition in Scotland to toast friendship and love with a Quaich, so this is how we started our ceremony. The Quiche is a pewter cup with two handles symbolising love and partnership. As you each take a handle and drink (whiskey, obviously), you’re meant to reflect on how your love strengthens and prepares you for the challenges and joys life will bring. Seeing as how this was a last-minute affair, we didn’t have time to acquire an actual Quiach. The ceramic accoutrement dish worked in a pinch, don’t you think? 

Buzzing off the warmth of that peaty gold, we said our vows to one another. Our tear-stained faces periodically burst into laughter as a tiny triceratops roared at us. If you’re wondering ‘what’s with the dinosaur costume?’ Well, we have a toddler who is massively obsessed with dinosaurs. When I asked him what he wanted to wear to our wedding, the triceratops costume was his first choice. And we rolled with it.

We also said vows to Milo, which was incredibly special and sweet. When we finished, he looked at us and said, “Thank you!!” He also got to pronounce us as married and tell his daddy to kiss the bride. Be still my heart. 

While we didn’t have our loved ones there, I appreciated that kind strangers took joy in our day. Hikers walking by shouted their congratulations and cars driving by honked their horns. I heard one lady exclaim, “That’s such a great idea!” And you know what, it was. Our ruined plans transformed into something truly wonderful.

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